Exciting Update: Getty Images Launches Generative AI Image Generator

Getty Images has made an exciting announcement with the launch of their Generative AI Image Generator, a revolutionary tool that is set to transform the world of visual content creation. Leveraging the power of AI technology and machine learning, this innovative image creator opens up boundless possibilities for creators and businesses alike.

Key Takeaways:

  • Getty Images has introduced their Generative AI Image Generator, a cutting-edge tool for visual content creation.
  • The tool utilizes AI technology and machine learning to produce realistic and high-quality images.
  • By training the model exclusively on their vast library of licensed photos, Getty Images ensures copyright indemnification for users who publish the generated images commercially.
  • Getty Images compensates content creators whose work is used to train the model.
  • Customers gain perpetual, worldwide, and unlimited rights to the images they create using the tool.
  • The Generative AI Image Generator can be accessed on the Getty Images website, with separate pricing from a standard subscription.
  • Getty Images aims to prevent unauthorized use of their image libraries and compete with other AI image generators in the market.

Getty Images’ Generative AI Solution: Advancing Image Creation Technology

Getty Images’ generative AI solution is set to revolutionize the field of image creation with its innovative features and advanced technology. This ground-breaking tool allows users to create images using Getty’s extensive library of licensed photos, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in image generation.

Trained exclusively on Getty Images’ vast collection, the generative AI image generator offers a unique advantage – full copyright indemnification. This means that users who publish the images generated by the tool commercially can be confident in their legal protection. Getty Images has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all generated images are compliant with copyright laws.

The generative AI solution incorporates Nvidia’s Edify model, sourced from the Picasso generative AI model library, to produce realistic human figures. This advanced technology enables users to create high-quality images with ease. Additionally, the tool compensates the creators whose content was utilized to train the model, providing a fair and ethical approach to content creation.

Customers can enjoy perpetual, worldwide, and unlimited rights to the images they create using Getty Images’ generative AI solution. The tool is available on the Getty Images website and is priced separately from a standard subscription, catering to the diverse needs of image creators.

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